Priest Murdered in Eureka

murdered priestBy Evan Schreiber

(CNN) EUREKA, Calif. — A Catholic priest is dead and police say his killer is in custody. Officers arrested Gary Lee Bullock on Thursday. They say witnesses saw Bullock at the church rectory, and there’s evidence to support that.

Father Eric Freed was found murdered inside the rectory on Wednesday. He had served throughout the north coast for years, spending three of them at Saint Bernard’s. Police say he was killed in a violent struggle.

In a news conference on Thursday morning, Gary Bullock was announced as the prime suspect. He was caught hours later, arrested in the southern Humboldt County town of Briceland. The New Year’s Day murder sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic community.

Police say Bullock was in jail just hours before Reverend Freed was killed. He was arrested for public intoxication, then taken to a hospital because of his strange behavior. He was released about eight hours before police learned of the murder.

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  1. Jay says:

    Just heard you found the suspect near Garberville. Way to go!! I’d like to hear WHY he did this. My bet is that he was drunk and didn’t have an idea what he was doing??

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