Priceless WWII Items Returned

ROGUE RIVER, Ore. – A World War II Navy uniform and the burial flag from the funeral of a Rogue River veteran were among hundreds of items stolen in early October and they have now been recovered long after hope was lost for the family of that deceased veteran to ever have the priceless items back.

Two Rogue River residents are facing theft, burglary, and drug charges in the case. the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says they were led to the home of Robert Larson and Geri Hlavinka. after they sold the uniform in question at a Grants Pass swap meet to a man who wishes to remain anonymous, but that person soon found out that the Naval uniform matched the description of one that had been stolen.

He tracked down the family and was able to return it to the son of the recently deceased veteran. While serving a search warrant at the suspects Rogue River home Thursday, sheriff’s deputies were also able to recover many of the remaining items, including the burial flag.