Price of Bio-Diesel Dropping

By Bryan Navarro

June 21, 2011

PHOENIX, Ore. — As summer officially begins and the driving season shifts into high gear, retail gas prices continue to fall. Prices for alternative fuel are also dropping.

Biodiesel in Phoenix is actually cheaper than conventional diesel. At Rising Phoenix Bio-Fuels, bio-diesel costs $4.25; that’s four cents cheaper than conventional diesel. Managers say bio-diesel prices have come down because demand has gone up.

This year, the state of Oregon required 5% of all its vehicles to run on bio-diesel. Rising prices for standard diesel has been fueled by the conflicts in the Middle East. Managers say, most of the time, the natural fuel is 50 to 60 cents more expensive than its conventional counterpart.

Rising Phoenix gets it’s bio-diesel from recycled cooking oil in Eugene.