Preventing Accidental Hot Car Deaths

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We all know not to leave our children in a hot car, but there have been times when parents say they’ve forgotten their child was even in the car.  That can be because of a change in routine, quiet sleeping baby or a distraction.

That’s why it’s recommended you practice the BE SAFE method to remember your child is in the car with you.

Back Seat: Providence Medford Medical Center says putting something in the back seat whenever you strap a child in will help you remember to open the back door, or at least turn around to find an item.  This can be anything from a purse to a cellphone.

Every Child should be correctly restrained in the back seat

Stuffed Animal: Keep a brightly stuffed animal in the car seat when your child isn’t there.  Then move it from the car seat to the front seat after you strap your child in to serve as a visual reminder that your baby is in the back seat.

Ask your baby sitter/child-care provider to call you within 10 minutes if you haven’t arrived with your child

Focus on driving: Avoid distractions like cellphone calls and text-messaging

Every time you park your vehicle, every single time, open the back door to make sure no one is left behind.