President Releases Climate Change Report

climate change(CNN) — Flooded rail lines, bigger and more frequent droughts, and a rash of wildfires are some of the alarming predictions released in a White House climate change report Tuesday.

The White House is issuing a new report that sounds like the climate change alarm for future generations. It not only fits into the President’s call for a year of action, but it also revs up the base for the upcoming midterm elections. The White House warns decades of dangerous weather from monster storms to raging wildfires are on the way, all as a result of climate change.

According to the Obama administration’s new National climate assessment, sea levels will rise up to four feet, more intense waves will hit the Southwest, and the Arctic ocean could have ice-free summers by mid-century.

President Obama has promised action, but critics within his own party complain he hasn’t lived up to his campaign vow from 2008. With his climate agenda stalled in Congress, the President has taken steps on his own, seeking new limits on power plant pollution and setting tougher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.

The GOP has fought the President on the issue. Some Republican lawmakers question whether humans are actually behind dramatic changes in the climate, while others said Obama is mounting an all out assault on energy sector jobs. However, the White House boasts the natural gas and oil industries are booming, even as the administration is taking its time on a decision on the controversial keystone oil pipeline. Some of the project’s supporters in Congress are calling for a vote to bypass the President to approve it.