President Obama Views Tornado Damage

tornadoVILONIA, Ark. — President Barak Obama visited Arkansas Wednesday to view firsthand the damage left behind by a deadly tornado last month in Vilonia.

Fifteen people died in this natural disaster when the EF Four twister touched down with powerful winds. The President praised the town for braving the storm and having the courage to rebuild.

“Here in Vilonia, the recovery process is just beginning,” explained President Obama. “It’s especially difficult because this town has seen more than its fair share of tragedy. Almost exactly 3 years ago another tornado leveled parts of Vilonia and some families and businesses had just finished rebuilding when they were forced to start all over, but folks here are tough, they look out for one another and that’s been especially clear over the past week,” said President Obama.

The President also promised that the Federal Government would be there to support the towns recovery.