Prepare for Activities in Warmer Weather

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MEDFORD, Ore.– The warmer days this week may inspire some people to run outside or get active, but local health experts say to not do too much, too soon. They say going from an inactive state in the winter, to a high impact lifestyle can cause overexertion.

Health experts say it is best to start slowly and give yourself a five minute warm up period. After the activity, they say it is also good to do a five minute cool down as well. They say avoiding the hottest part of the day and exercising when it is cool, could also avoid possible consequences.

Providence Exercise Physiologist, Jennifer Scott said, “Your body dissipates heat when we’re exercising and that’s normal. If you haven’t normally been exercising and now you go out when it’s eighty degrees and you’re trying to exercise in that, you are purposefully, whether you know it or not, making it hard for your body to deal with that heat.”

Jennifer Scott also recommends maintaining outdoor activities on a regular basis and to set realistic goals.