Power Outage Affects Shady Cove

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SHADY COVE, Ore. — The thunderstorm that rattled across Southern Oregon on Monday produced several lightning strikes and knocked out power to Upper Rogue Basin residents through the afternoon.

More than 2,500 Pacific Power customers were without electricity, especially in the Shady Cove area where almost every business in town was shut down or on reduced operations.

Places that were shut down included the post office and the Chase Bank branch. Shady Cove Elementary was also closed; the school started off on a two hour delay, but ended up cancelling classes when it was learned that repairs would not be completed until after lunch.

“I think at Shady Cove, the major concern was getting a hot lunch prepared for students and things like that, because there was no electricity for anything. So, this added a few more hurdles for us,” said Allen Barber, with the Eagle Point School District.

Generators were operating at city hall and at the city’s sewage treatment plant, and at Century Link telephone facilities to keep those operations going, but gas stations, restaurants and almost every other store and shop was in the dark most of the day.