Potential New Police Facility In Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police Chief Tim George says the department has totally outgrown its current facility. Right now Medford Police Department is the first floor of city hall. Police Chief Tim George says it’s crowded.

“We are at a catastrophic state of lack of space right now,” Police Chief Tim George said. “We don’t have the space to do the business we need to do. We can’t even accept volunteers who want to come in and do work for us because we don’t have space for them to do their work either.”

Most in the meeting seemed to agree there’s no other option but to build a completely new place in order to meet the current and projected needs. The potential new facility will be offer three stories of space, something Chief George says is a necessity.

“We need interview rooms to interview crime victims; we have to have meeting rooms to conduct our business; we have to have training facilities. Right now, every month we traverse the city looking for a place to do our training, so this is a necessity, it isn’t anything extravagant,” said the Police Chief.

The department is looking at a ballpark figure of about 18 to 23 million dollars total for the project. Consultants have already been paid $37,000 to design the new facility. Council member Chris Corcoran is on board.

“If you like the place you are doing your job, you’re going to be happier and you’re going to do a better job, and public safety is the number one job in our community, police and fire,” said the Council member.

He says this new facility could make Medford a safer place if voters jump on board too.

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  1. Milt says:

    oh yea just like they really needed the swat rig they spent all that money on.
    now they need a new building grate more of our money down the drain.
    JUST SAY NO voters JHC

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