Potent Storm Moving in Tomorrow

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Severe weather has again moved through the heart of our country, bringing devastation to another town near Oklahoma City, OK. This time, it was the densely populated suburb of Moore, a city that has seen weather of this nature before. In 1999 an EF-5 tornado struck the town, with wind speeds in excess of 200mph. The leveled buildings and toppled cars this time around is suggesting a tornado of similar strength.

Severe weather isn’t in the forecast here, but winter weather is! A drastic change will begin late this evening as a cut-off low moves in from the Northwest. This storm system is going to drop temperatures significantly, along with snow levels. The primary concerns are heavy rain and snow potential in the higher elevations.

Afternoon highs Tuesday will be anywhere from 15-20 degrees cooler than Monday, but temperatures are going to drop even more so into Wednesday. Afternoon temperatures will only be in the 50’s midweek across much of the viewing area. The late and unseasonably cold weather will support snowfall as snow levels drop to 2,500’ Tuesday night. During times of heavier precipitation, this could be even lower.

Because ground temperatures are warmer, snow accumulation will be difficult in the lower elevations. For this reason, just a slushy coating is expected near 2,500’. However, in higher terrain above 4,000’, snow has a likely chance of falling and sticking, especially where snow is already on the ground. Here is how snow totals are looking over the course of the week:

8-16” Kalmiopsis
2-6” W. Side
4-8” S. Cascades
2-3” Klamath Basin

Winds are going to increase in the higher elevations and also on the East Side. Gusts will be around 35-45mph, and strongest near Summer Lake and Silver Lake.

Unsettled weather will last through Thursday evening as several waves of energy swirl around this strong and deep area of low pressure. Moisture will be in high amounts, so measurable rain is forecast for coastal sections. Stay with NewsWatch12 for updates.

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