Potent Storm Moving in for Weekend

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Showers were developing steadily into Thursday morning, following Wednesday evening’s cold front. The rain & snow will wind down into the morning, before picking up again into the afternoon with our next wave of energy. Snow levels are around 3,500′ but the warm front that drives inland around lunchtime at the Coast, and shortly after for the inland areas, will help to quickly raise them to 6,000′ this evening.

Friday will be mostly dry, but with plenty of clouds. Showers will be primarily at the Coast and across the Cascades. But Saturday on the other hand, will bring significant rain and snow to the area. Two waves of energy will move through the region, with the first arriving very early Saturday.

The computer models have been in good agreement with this storm since last weekend, which means it will likely play out the way they are showing. Strong winds and high surf will be two of the impacts, among significant mountain snow and winter weather in the passes. A high surf warning for the Coast is already in place for late Friday through Saturday. Also, a high wind watch has already gone into effect for the Klamath Basin for Saturday.

Following the first front early Saturday, a second front will move through into the afternoon. This means a break in the widespread rain will be through the morning into lunchtime. The cold air will move in for the afternoon and snow will fall with the second front, and post frontal showers will continue to bring snow to the Cascades into Saturday evening.

Snow levels will quickly drop below 4,000′ following this second front which means winter weather impacts in the passes could be on the horizon for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese