Postal Workers Protest Planned Cuts

MEDFORD, Ore. – Local U.S. Postal service employees and supporters are speaking out against planned cuts in service.

Demonstrators rallied today in Medford against a proposal from the Postmaster General to eliminate Saturday mail delivery.

Advocates for Delivering for America say that the cuts would lose the service more money than it would save, and prevent customers from receiving important mail on time.

Local employees say the cuts would cause the immediate layoffs of 30-40 people here in the Rogue Valley, plus more widespread job losses down the line.

β€œIt’s not going to be just affecting the postal service employees. It’s going to be affecting the publishing houses, anybody who employs people who rely on the Postal Service,” said Denise Brooks with the National Association of Letter Carriers.

The Postmaster General claims that the cuts will allow the service to cut roughly 45-million man hours, saving about two billion dollars per year.