Postal Service Announces Cutbacks

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The United States Postal Service announced plans to cut back to 5 days of mail delivery per week beginning this August. These changes however will not impact package delivery or PO boxes.

Officials with the United States Postal Service say they took businesses who rely on sending packages to customers into consideration when making their change in deliveries. As a result no changes will be felt by local businesses.

Medford-based Loop Rope averages between 15 and 20 packages per day sent to customers through the United States Postal Service the most popular option among customers.

“I’d say 90 to 95% of out packages are shipped USPS,” stated Jeff Dahl, the Owner of Loop Rope.

Jeff Dahl says Fed Ex and UPS are also available as options but consumers prefer using the post office because of their flat rates.

“A customer could buy three loop ropes, possibly up to four and they would all fit inside the shipper,” Dahl said.

Changes are coming later this year to mail deliveries but not to packages a move Medford Postmaster Daniel Becker says was made with businesses who rely on deliveries in mind.

“The biggest problem that we had with our businesses was package delivery and we will continue to delivery those packages on Saturday,” Becker said.

The post office will cut mail deliveries off on Saturdays beginning August 5th. The move is projected to save $2 billion annually.

“The cost that’s going to be saved is in the salary and benefits of the carriers that would have been working on Saturday and fuel savings on the rounds that they no longer have to make and the wear on our vehicles,” Becker explained.

Post office locations will continue to be open on Saturdays and packages and PO boxes will continue to be delivered. The 62 city routes and 14 rural routes in Medford would be covered by about 10 drivers focusing only on package deliveries.

“We would be able to take about 10 city carrier associates and deliver those routes,” said Becker.

Allowing businesses like Loop Rope to continue offering their most popular delivery option on Saturdays.