Post Fourth of July Firework Sales

firework salesWHITE CITY, Ore. — The Fourth of July might be over, but firework tents are still doing a booming business. Salesmen said July 5 is one of the busiest days for firework tents.

Different venues set up across the Rogue Valley said sales were average this year.  Some reported sales being up slightly up from last year.

Despite the increased business leading up to Independence Day, shelves are not completely empty.

“My hope is to sell them all, but if we don’t sell them all we can ship them back, and they have to store them,” said Jim Ford, a fireworks salesman in White City. “We can’t store them here in the Valley. We have to ship them back east and have them stored.”

A few firework tents were being dismantled on Saturday.  Others are offering discounted rates to customers. According to firework officials, firework can keep for up to 10 years in a dry environment.  Firework sales are allowed through July 6.