Possible Teacher Strike in Near Future

Medford School DistrictMEDFORD, Ore. — Students and teachers are just two days away from holiday break, but this week, Medford teachers could declare a strike.

According to Cheryl Lashley with the MEA, teachers are not planning to make any moves until after the holiday break. Phil Long with the Medford District says on Friday teachers will get their normal December paychecks.

On Monday they will also get a “retroactive” check that covers the district’s proposed increase in pay from September through November. The district says those checks will be about 400 to 600 dollars in extra take home pay tied to the implemented changes in salaries, PERS and insurance.

These changes do not reflect the pay raise that Medford Teachers are requesting. If the MEA chooses to strike in January, they will have to wait a full 10 days before stopping work.