Police and SWAT Surrounded Medford Home

**Update** (10:34 a.m.) Three additional people are in custody after SWAT teams forced their way into a Northwest Medford residence. One of those in custody has been arrested, the other two are being questioned.

SWAT and Police are no longer on scene. The road is now open.

**Update (9:10 am)**: SWAT is on scene, and Medford Police have surrounded a house where they believe a possible shooting suspect is inside. Medford Police believe the alleged shooting happened after an altercation in front of a home on Tennessee Drive around 2:30 this morning.

Officials say shots were fired and it is unknown at this time if any one was hurt because neither side is being cooperative. A suspect was arrested when he ran through a traffic stop. Medford Police are not saying how the person of interest was involved. Later Medford Police determined suspects were in a home near Seneca Street and Debarr Avenue.

There are at least three suspects with outstanding warrants. While Medford Police still do not believe this incident to be gang related and they don’t have any reason to believe at this time that persons of interest are gang members.

Portions of Debarr Avenue is closed between Tennessee and Howard Streets. Howard Elementary School is NOT on lockdown.

**Original Story** MEDFORD, Ore.– Medford Police responded to reports of gunshots fired in a Medford neighborhood on Tennessess Drive around three this morning. Several neighbors were outside saying they heard gunshots and saw a suspect flee the scene. A short time later officers tried to pull over a suspicious vehicle, and the person inside tried to escape on foot.

Police were able to catch up to him and arrest him. The suspect was found to be in possession of a firearm, but police are still looking into whether he fired the shots. Medford Police say the suspect is cooperating with the investigation and he does have some outstanding warrants that he is under arrest for as well.

Medford Police will continue to investigate this incident, but they say at this point, the incident does  not appear to be gang related.

Update (7:30am): SWAT is on scene, and Medford Police have surrounded a house where they believe a possible suspect is inside. We have a reporter on the way, and will continue to update this story as we receive details.

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  1. ED says:

    This town has gone to hell. Why dont the police get together with the national gaurd and get rid of these gang members in our valley. Were’s INS ? I see park loads of Mexicans every weekend playing soccer, How many of them are legal? Let’s go after the places they work, and shut down and heavley fine any employer who hires any illeagel workers. I mean come on, I have no problem if you want to come here, but do it legal. If you jump the fence, and steal a job from an american, I have a real problem with that and This is were the real problem is. They are a blight on our welfear system, And i also believe that if we the citizens should turn up the heat and start informing the police about drug and gang activaty, and make it were they dont want to be here. There will be more jobs for Americans, and Oregon will see a huge drop in welfare cases.

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