Possible Harassment Caught On Video

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By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — A video is circulating on Facebook of a 14 year-old who appears to be harassing an elderly Medford man on Sunday.

The video shows a boy named Bobby who is slapping cash at the elderly man, Dan Dody. The video is gaining attention from several viewers and now has caught the attention of Medford Police.

Officers contacted Bobby’s mother but she did not allow them to talk to her son. Instead, she posted a video saying her son did nothing wrong.

Police spoke to Dody and he says he does not want to pursue charges. But the investigation is not over. Bobby could still be facing disorderly conduct and intimidation.

“After we get all of the information we’ll make a charging decision and we’ll decide what charges the offending would apply in this case,” says Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Police are planning to talk to witnesses and other kids who may have been involved.