Central Point To Get Full School Year

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – As many kids head back to school next week, students in the Central Point School District will be going back for more often.

The school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to reinstate days missing from the calendar because of budget cuts. The 1.2 million dollars in surplus will only apply to this year, it will add 40 days which had been cut slowly since 2008.

Now that the district has an extra $2.5 million, it means students will possibly get a full calendar year of school. this hasn’t been the case for students since 2006.

The President of Central Point Education Association, Mack Lewis, tells us about a year and a half ago, district officials discovered $1.2 million that they didn’t realize they had, and they were laying off teachers during that time. He says more funding came available after the district eliminated some district personnel, reduced contract days for staff and outsourced its school bus service. That extra money could help the district run just one full school year; the year after that could change.

“What’s to happen from here remains to be seen. I mean we could see the budget fall out next year and be back to cutting days again we don’t know. But for right now, the money’s there and so why not? Let’s give these kids a full school year for a change,” says Lewis.

The days mean more learning for the kids and more pay for the teachers. Each day added means up to $300 back on teachers paychecks. For every day a school closes, teachers lose between $150 to $300. The district loses $126,000.