Structure Fire in Medford

barn fire

MEDFORD, Ore. — Wednesday morning, Medford Fire and Oregon Department of Forestry crews responded to a fire inside a vacant building which then began to spread into a field of dry grass.

An off duty firefighter called in just before 11:30 a.m. and reported the thick smoke and flames just off of Kings Highway. When crews arrived, they found the structure to be fully involved and nearby grass was also starting to catch on fire.

Fire officials said they got control of the fire quickly despite it being in secluded field far from fire hydrants

“We were able to get a pretty good knock down on it but it had already spread into the wild land a bit, so, into the grasses and the field around us which are obviously pretty hot and dry right now.  So, it spread pretty quickly into there but we also contained that very rapidly,” said Medford Fire Investigator Samantha Metheny.

Officials credited lack of wind in helping prevent the fire from spreading. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.