PopDeck Demonstrates System

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Five companies are competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars to make their business dreams come true.

PopDeck is one of the finalists of the 2013 Southern Oregon Angel Investment Conference. The co-founder of the company says, after years of construction and deck building, he just found a better way to put a deck together not only for contractors but for just about anyone.

This is how PopDeck works in three steps: First, several brackets are capped over the deck joist or also known as the frame. Then, place the board on top, popping it into place. After that, fasten the boards with the claws underneath. PopDeck’s method moves away from the traditional method. There’s no screws or nails involved.

The company founders also designed PopDeck to fit four major composite decking companies. PopDeck also teamed up with Timber Tech, bringing a composite decking that has a life warranty of 25 years. Plus, the deck is made of 95 percent recycled material. The company is hoping its multi-faceted product will beat the competition at the Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network Conference.

Popdeck is competing April 11th at the Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network Conference for that $205,000. NewsWatch12 will continue covering the other launch-stage companies in the Southern Oregon Angel Network Conference next week. The conference will be held April 11th at the Bigham Knoll Campus in Jacksonville.