Poor Air Quality Today

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The same high pressure air mass that has been over our region for the past five days or so will remain over the area heading into the weekend and also the next work week. We are continuing to deal with colder air trapped in the valleys, preventing a decent warming into the afternoon even though that sun is out and shining. The higher elevations, for example the foothills, are seeing warmer temperatures than the lower elevations for this reason.


In addition to the cooler air being trapped in the valleys, pollutants are being trapped as well, and the National Weather Service has placed much of Southern Oregon and Siskiyou County under an Air Stagnation Advisory. This simply means that the air quality is being impacted and is expected to remain at moderate, sensitive, or unhealthy levels for the time being. As of now, this is in effect through Sunday and we will continue to see air quality levels deteriorate as long as this air mass remains over the region allowing inversions to build at night. Those who suffer from asthma, respiratory problems, or the elderly are advised to be aware of the outdoor conditions and stay inside as much as possible!


Otherwise, sunny skies will remain over the region for all areas heading into the weekend and a very gradual warm up is expected the next several days but cold temperatures will remain overnight. Freezing fog is a concern overnight and has not helped the already existing packed snow and ice on the roads. Many accidents have been reported this morning and with temperatures continuing to warm in the afternoon and drop below freezing again at night, little to no improvements are expected in the coming days.


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