Poor Air Quality & Cold Air

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With high pressure still present we’ll continue to see temperatures inversions with warm air above the cold air in the valleys and low elevations which is providing a cap for the pollutants in the lower atmosphere. Air quality has been deteriorating all week and will continue through at least Thursday for the west side when the winds start to pick up and have the ability to mix out the pollutants of the lower atmosphere (where we breathe), and not until at least Saturday for the east side. As of the morning Grants Pass, Medford and Cave Junction were in the “Moderate” category and Klamath Falls and Lakeview are inching further into the “Sensitive” level. Current air quality levels can be found under the weather links where you can also find current road conditions.

The set up of this high pressure is allowing for down-sloping flow which leads to air drying out, so the best chance for fog to develop in the overnight hours will be where there is moisture, so near bodies of water like along the Rogue River, the Grants Pass and Roseburg areas.

Temperatures will slowly be climbing through the week and areas on the west side will be in the 50s by the weekend and overnight lows on the east side will be back in the upper teens. Below freezing temperatures will persist for the rest of the week on the west side so be sure to protect your pipes from freezing by leaving them dripping overnight and draining outdoor hoses.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry