Police Watching for Labor Day DUIs

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are always on the lookout for those who get behind the wheel after drinking too much.

“Just from my experience I think we average maybe at least two or three a night on Friday and Saturday nights” said Medford Police Officer Logan Boyd.

During Labor Day weekend, Medford Police increase the number of officers on patrol, anticipating people celebrating the holiday.

“We get several officers together that are just focused on enforcing DUI’s. Basically, it’s called a saturation and we saturate the streets with police looking strictly for DUI drivers,” said Medford Police Sergeant Kerry Curtis.

Last Tuesday, Medford Police had four DUI’s before the saturation was cut short. Sergeant Curtis has seen the saturation be affective.

“Officers can’t strictly focus on DUI enforcement all the time and that’s why we really like to put these saturations together so that we can focus specifically on that,” said Sergeant Curtis.

Officer Boyd hopes those celebrating the holiday weekend will think twice before reaching for their keys.

“I think when people see a lot of cops out there making traffic stops it makes them think twice. You know ‘maybe I shouldn’t get in my car tonight, I should get a taxi'” said Officer Boyd.