Police Utilize Tools to Track Suspects

mpdMEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Police say the list of wanted suspects or suspicious people they look for increases every day, so officers need to use multiple communications tools to make sure it doesn’t pile up.

Every day, police officers have plenty of information to process. Not only do they have to respond to crimes in progress and follow up on information, but they constantly have suspicious people or vehicles they’re looking for. That information is shared among officers using a “hot sheet” that shows a list of wanted or dangerous people, including their picture and description. Police say that list can increase by a half dozen people per day.

Officers familiarize themselves with that information during a briefing that occurs prior to each new shift. Each police car also has a computer that has that information, and any new items that come up during the day.

Police said they need to communicate with each other constantly to make sure that information doesn’t pile up.

“The issue here is we have so much information that comes in on a daily basis, sometimes certain cases will get drowned out with all the other things going on,” said Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Medford police also receive information from nearby agencies to keep an eye out for other suspects, which adds to the amount of information.

One thing that helps officers wade through that information is that many of the people on the hot sheet are people they’ve seen before from other crimes, so officers are sometimes already familiar with who those people are and where they can be found.