Police Urge Witnesses to Come Forward

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Caution tape stretched from 8th St. to 10th St. Sunday morning in Medford as police investigated the death of a Valley Cab driver.¬†Medford resident Jamie Adams happened to be passing by when he noticed the caution tape surrounding a cab he knew all too well.

“Gut feeling when I heard what had happened, it was gut wrenching. The possibility of it being your friend just took the wind out of my sails,” said Adams.

Adams says he’s known the victim, 58 year-old William Roy Huson, since they were children. He says Huson had been a cab driver off and on for about fifteen years.

“He could get a laugh out of anybody. If you were in a bad mood or just kind of hum drum, he’d get you cheered up,” said Adams.

Police say Valley Cab reported Huson missing just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning after not hearing from him since 10:40 p.m. Saturday night. ¬†Police found Huson’s cab empty in a parking lot near 9th St. and Almond St. Only a couple hours later, Huson’s body was found miles away in a field off Helo Drive off Vilas Road.

“What’s important right now is we don’t have a suspect. We need witness information and let us decide if it’s valid or not. There’s no such thing as bad information in a case like this,” said Medford Police Chief Tim George.

Police urge anyone who was in the area where the cab was last known to be, at Howie’s in downtown Medford, to come forward with any information that could help the investigation.

“People’s memories fade as time goes on. What they saw today or they saw last night or earlier this morning may not seem significant to them so it is to us,” said Chief George.

Adams says he will always remember Huson for his generosity and love for rock and roll.

“Huey was a great guy, he’ll always be remembered as one of the biggest hearts in Medford,” said Adams.


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  1. pat says:

    Anyone that thinks they might have seen anyone getting into or out of (at anytime thu the night – (Let the cops sort it out) or driving this cab is asked to call in or tell another cab driver-ANY COMPANY – Any kind of discription CLOTHING HEIGHT ANYTHING WILL HELP Huey was a very much loved man and all cabs were searching for him as soon as we were called…………most drivers only carry $20.00 in change and make bank drops thu ATM on a reg. basis thu their shift tHIS WAS A STUPID WASTE OF A AWESUME MANS LIFE ! who ever did this needs to step forward while the can. they will be in much safer hands with the police than a hundred mad cab drivers.

    If the familly should have any needs please don’t hesitate to call on any of us. I worked with him for the last 20 yrs on and off and will miss him greatly.
    With L&R,

  2. alice scott says:

    You are my best friend and I don’t know what to do without you. You were m protector, how am I gonna be safe now,How do I et behind the wheel of a cab ever again. I promise you we
    will get them. They will be better off if the cops find them before we do…

  3. Mark W Scharff says:

    Farewell my dear friend, you will always be in the heart of those of us who were lucky enough to be your friend, and cohort. We will watch out for each other, we will be here to help your family. To Suzie and the rest of Huey’s family, and Alice along with the crew at Valley Cab, the crew at TLC Yellow Cab and all of the other cabbies in the Rogue Valley, let us show our solidarity and organize a cab ralley in support of Huey, that we may learn to work together on the streets and watch out for each other.

    1. Madams says:

      I think that is a wonderful suggestion. I am sure the community would love to help out his family and help fund his funeral expenses. Such a senseless crime on a very innocent person. William (Huey) was always very friendly. I still cannot believe his life was taken in such a violent way, my prayers and sympathy goes out to his family, friends, and co-workers. I hope that all fund raisers in his behalf are listed in the paper or on the news so people in the community can help out.
      RIP Huey!

  4. sandra Daniella says:

    I would hope with all the Halloween Parties comin-up many clubs and Sport’s Bars will take A collection for this Man’s Family , We can only give back to him by helping his family –and honoring his name . — I did not know this Gentleman –but anyone who serves the community
    as he did,– most certainly deserves our giving in his name .– God Bless his soul –& may peace be with him now and forever.

  5. Southern Oregon Militia says:

    The SOM has been doing a parallel investigation into this cold-blooded murder. We do not believe the killer is local, but rather was either visiting the valley or passing through.

    We noted that a wedding reception was being held right next to Howie’s and that it is possible the killer was a wedding guest. The fact that the Red Lion Hotel is located very near where the cab was dumped, and that out-of-town wedding guests often stay there is another aspect we are looking into.

    We are also aware of a movie crew visiting the valley, and they often travel with a road crew.

    This was a big-city type murder, and the killer probably was not aware how little money a cabbie carries here. This is a cold-blooded murderer who has probably killed the same way in the past, so research of similar unsolved crimes elsewhere could also aid results.

    Our sincere condolences to Husan’s wife, friends and family.

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