Police Update on Amber Alert Case

James Lee DiMaggio

James Lee DiMaggio

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The manhunt for a California Amber Alert suspect has moved to the Idaho wilderness.

According to police, horseback riders saw a man and a woman fitting the description of James DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah Anderson.

Late Friday morning, police said a car matching description of the vehicle in the Amber Alert case was found in Idaho’s “River of No Return” Wilderness area, according to ABC News.

Investigators are searching Idaho area where the car was found, but call it “very difficult terrain.” They said investigators can only get to area where the man and the 16-year-old girl were spotted, “by horseback or on foot.”

ABC News reports police said the two were spotted on Wednesday and appeared to be in good condition, according to witness accounts. They had “light” camping gear. San Diego Sheriff says James DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah Anderson were spotted by four people riding horses in the area.

On Wednesday, an Amber Alert was issued in Oregon for 16-year-old Hanna and 8-year-old Ethan Anderson. On Sunday, crews found DiMaggio’s home in flames and two bodies inside. One body is confirmed to be Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, the other is likely Hannah’s brother, Ethan.

CNN contributed to this report.