Police Tested in Fitness Course

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — For law enforcement, officers chasing criminals is just part of the job…and being able to catch them in a foot race is just as important.

The chain link fence is just one part of the Grants Pass Police fitness test. In less than 60 seconds, officers will have to go through several obstacles.

In this test, officers are told a specific suspect description. After that, they have to get out their patrol car and sprint. Then, officers have to jump over stairs, a chain link fence, and then go up a flight of stairs.

At the top of the tower, they have to remember that suspect description, pick the person and drag a dummy. The test combines the various challenges officers come across on a daily basis.

“We’re chasing people and there’s times where we have to climb fences and of course, we’ve had several fires where an officer actually had to carry one of the victims out of the building,” said Sgt. Justin Dekruger.

“We’re out there expected to perform a job, a duty and sometimes it is physical. It gets real physical sometimes. As a police officer, there has to be some standard level of fitness. It ensures our safety, and the safety of the public. So we need to be in shape,” said David Daniel.

The Grants Pass “Special Weapons and Tactics” Team is also required to do this test. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety has 50 officers and all of them have passed the test.