Police Arrest Suspect in Standoff

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MEDFORD,¬†Ore – A five hour standoff this morning has led to a man in jail facing burglary and trespassing charges. It all started just before 5 a.m. at the abandoned Kim’s Restaurant on South Pacific Highway in Medford.

Police say a passerby called police after seeing a car pull into the building. Police arrived and saw a shotgun inside the car, and due to the unknown risk, called in swat.

Just before 10 a-m, police took 23 year old Brian Matthew Kunkle into custody without incident. A 17 year-old juvenile has been released. Police believe the duo was looking for metal to steal and recycle for cash.

Kunkle faces charges of second degree burglary and trespassing while in possession of a firearm, while the juvenile’s case will head to the district attorney.


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  1. Greg says:

    I wonder what in the world he’s doing in there? Needed somewhere to sleep, do drugs, or just somewhere to hang out at if he’s homeless? Or look for something to steal?

    1. Alex says:

      That would be my guess, probably a transient, maybe multiple, however if they are resisting and have a history of carrying weapons the police have no choice but to play it safe.

    2. Laurie VanCurler says:

      Well, if they were just in search of a place to sleep or hang out, crashing a car into a building seems a bit extreme. Must have been a little more to it than that.

  2. Greg says:

    Laurie, the original article didn’t say anything about anyone crashing a car into Kim’s, so I did not know anything about that. That is pretty suspicious and just weird, although I wouldn’t say it’s something we haven’t seen before in Medford!

  3. chester brasska says:

    Come on MPD maybe someone should investigate that building a little more they went in there with a purpose and yet no one is arrested or held responsible for the use of our public resources they hole up for 5 hours. Who knows how much that cost the taxpayers let alone the news making a huge deal out of it to our community and they are just being questioned well medford police should dig a little deeper and find out why they were in there. Almost impossible to just crash into that building. That was done on purpose as they had a purpose for being in there

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