Police Say Man Shoots in Self-Defense

Man SHoots in Self-DefenseGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Police responded to the 1200 block of Southwest Isham Street in Grants Pass on Saturday. Officers found Carmen Kirk suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Officers say they found Kirk’s step-father, Steven Ragusin, suffering from “superficial knife injuries.”

Investigators say the two were arguing when Kirk caused the wounds to Ragusin. According to police, Ragusin feared for his life and shot Kirk in the left leg once. Grants Pass Police say Kirk continued to assault Ragusin with the knife. Eventually, police were called and the two separated.

Police say the two men were transported to Three Rivers Medical Center for the injuries. Officers say Kirk was transported to the Josephine County Jail for an assault charge.


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  1. sabrina says:

    I think that this is bull. In past occurrences there have been people i know defending them selves because they feared for their lives and well they are in jail for 7 years for defending their lives. I think they should both go to jail considering there is not any applicable self defense law in the state of Oregon. I see definite injustice for the people prior to this incident,. Maybe Oregon should be fair in all the cases and quit picking and choosing the people they want to put in jail. Carmen was wrong but so was the other guy. Maybe that man was beating him and Carmen was just defending himself……………….ever think of the possibilities. Unfair bull shit in Oregon. Like always.

    1. Steve says:

      Well Sabrina, I hope you never have a time when you don’t have to defend your life for an intruder. There isn’t a need for a definitive self defense law. I am a law abiding citizen, but will
      defend my family against anyone.

      1. brittany hull says:

        dude, carmen WAS family. thats my brother and he doesnt do anything without a reason.

    2. MadameX says:

      You could be right about that. We will probably never know the other side of the story. This young man looks very distraught.

    3. Jennifer says:

      Totally agree! Either it’s 1 law for everyone, or oust the law for everyone. It seems they pick the people to charge who can make them the most money. Corrupt offices need investigations into operations apparently.

  2. jed says:

    unfortunately oregon is a police state. people being jailed for executing there constitutional rights is wrong and it should not be legal for states to supercede the constitution.

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