Police Say Man Assaults Wife, Kills Lamb


EAGLE POINT, Ore. — An Eagle Point man has been arrested after Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said he killed a lamb on his property and tried to rape his wife multiple times.

On Thursday, at 7:05 p.m. the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 15000 block of Highway 62 in Eagle Point for a physical domestic dispute.

Officers found 46-year-old Leland Kinkey running around his property naked, screaming, and splattered with blood. Deputies detained Kinkey after he admitted he slammed a lamb into a vehicle, and then broke its neck, killing it. He stated he killed the lamb because he “was trying to be a man”.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office explained in a press release that witnesses on the property told deputies Kinkey had become agitated regarding mechanical issues with a vehicle. After becoming angry, witnesses said he tried to forcibly rape his wife.

His wife attempted to flee the property with their two children when the sheriff’s office said Kinkey pulled his wife out of the van by her hair, started beating her, and tried to rape her again in front of the two children.

The sheriff’s office said two other adults living on the property were able to help stop the aggression, and called 911. Kinkey was arrested and charged with kidnapping, attempted rape and aggravated animal abuse, among other charges. The sheriff’s office said Kinkey’s bail is set at $1,025,000.