Police Report Spike in Christmas Crimes

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Christmas crime was on the rise this year in Medford, with nearly a half dozen burglaries and a couple of stabbings. Police say, despite the increase, none of the crimes appear to be related.

Five burglaries, including one along Midway Road, occurred on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, all in different parts of the city. Two stabbings also occurred and police have made in arrest in one case and are searching for suspects in the other.

Medford Police say crime does rise in December, and during the holidays, but this is among the busiest they’ve ever been on Christmas. Police are working to establish suspects in the burglaries and don’t believe they are linked.

Typically there are one to two burglaries a day in the city, and police say crime definitely spiked on Christmas. One burglary victim had her car stolen from inside her garage. Jackie Ballard says she woke up Christmas morning and couldn’t believe her eyes when she say an empty garage. She believes the burglars broke in, saw the car, and acted:

“They saw the car, they saw that it was open, which is not a usual thing for me to have my car open like that, it’s normally locked,” described Ballard. “It was just a freak thing, I think they’re just desperate to get things to sell.”

Ballard hopes her car is returned in one piece, but says her home will now be “Fort Knox” in terms of security.

One crime police say happens year-round regardless of time of year is domestic violence. Those calls have also come in throughout the holiday.