Police Promote Bike Safety

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police and members of the Rogue Valley Transportation Department are teaming up to promote bike safety in Medford.

Families met Saturday morning at the Rogue Valley Mall for a bicycle rodeo. RVTD officials say the goal is to teach kids defensive bike riding skills and road etiquette to help them stay safe.

Parents say Medford’s multi-lane, one-way streets and downtown congestion make it a very bike unfriendly city for kids.

“I’m usually a block behind him in my car, just to make sure he’s safe and sound,” said Amanda Harper, a parent.

RVTD officials say promoting bike use is one of their top priorities. They say in recent years they have expanded bike racks on public buses. They also added bike fix-it stations in both Medford and Ashland, and have installed bike lockers on Front Street.