Police Name Suspect in Fatal Stabbing


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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are asking for your help finding a man wanted in the stabbing death of a Medford woman Sunday.

Police identified Jose Valencia-Gaona, 45, as the suspect. Valencia-Gaona is suspected of stabbing and killing 38-year-old Maria Rodriguez Sunday night at her apartment at 1990 Table Rock Road in Medford.

Police said Valencia-Gaona lives in the 2400 block of West McAndrews, and police believe he is still in the West McAndrews area. He is 5-foot-7-inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. He is also known to use the street name “Pepe.”

Police are now classifying the murder as a domestic violence homicide. They say the suspect and the victim knew each other previous to the murder.   Police believe Valencia-Gaona was hiding outside of the Rodriguez’s apartment waiting on her to get home.

Police are combing several neighborhoods in West Medford searching for Valencia-Gaona, but they are focusing primarily on the 2400 block of West McAndrews where Valencia-Gaona was living.

“We’ve got a ton of boots on the ground,” said Medford Police Chief, Tim George.  “We are putting a lot of energy and effort put into this. We have burned the midnight oil on this case, and it is job number one.  It is priority number one, and we need help.”

They raided a house in the 2400 block multiple times, once on Monday afternoon and again Monday night.

“We’ve been close a couple of times — within 30 or 40 minutes —
we’ve been close on this, but close doesn’t count on this
one you, either have someone in custody or you don’t,”  said George.

According to police, Valencia-Gaona does not have a previous criminal history.

Anyone with information is asked to call Medford Police at 541-770-4783.



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  1. Susan Scroggins says:

    Correct me if I am wrong in assuming he was not born here and probably an illegal: How do you know this was not something he has done before he came to the USA? No way to check his mental, criminal, or social history. No way to check if any of the “immigrants” have been vaccinated, childhood diseases, ect. This is what is wrong with letting them in freely. They need to have checks and vaccinations or at least a medical history work up. They might be perfectly wonderful people, but carrying HIV, TB, Hep C, or any other number of infectious diseases that they spread to the community, or be mental and have no help and kill someone. If this guy was not an illegal and was actually born and raised here where he would have a paper trail, why was he not in mental health treatment? Does that community get encouraged to get mental health help if they want? We need to get a paper trail going on these people so we can track their health and habits, like ALL the rest of us have. Every single American can be traced and tracked., but not the new “immigrants”, hence, they can kill, sling drugs, and traffic humans, and contaminate our food supplies all w/o being traced or followed. The local farms need to be required to teach cross-contamination class to their immigrant workers who get absolutely NO hygienic or contamination training where they come from. Things we Americans have picked up by school age like handwashing, germs knowledge, ect., we assume everyone knows, but they don’t. It’s better to teach them than just get sick. Also farm owners should be required to have handwashing stations or at least hand sanitizer available at their outhouses and see that each person uses it. That would probably stop these outbreaks of Listeria and such.

  2. Mayra says:

    This guy was a butcher at La Fiesta Supermarket in Medford.

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