Police Investigate Residential Burglary

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are investigating a residential burglary that they believe is connected to other recent burglaries in the area.

On Monday, homeowners at a residences on the 4700 block of Cloudcrest Drive called Medford Police after noticing their garage window open and the screen removed. Upon looking around further, they discovered several items missing and/or out of place. Police said two residents were home sleeping the previous evening but were not awakened by the burglars.

Police said their investigation revealed the suspect(s) entered the garage and then entered the house, stealing jewelry, cameras, a wallet, PlayStation 3, and other miscellaneous items. The total value is approximately $2,000.

Police believe this crime is related to the two other residential burglaries that occurred the same evening in the 6000 block of Hillcrest Road, investigated by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, Medford Police said a stolen 2006 BMW was found crashed in the area the same evening and is also believed to be related. This vehicle was determined to be stolen the same night from an address in the first block of S. Barneburg Road, Medford.

Police say burglaries of occupied homes are somewhat rare and pose a greater risk of injury to the occupants.

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  1. Brian H says:

    Is there any chance that thefts in White City could be linked?

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