Police Investigate Guns Stolen From Cars

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Two guns are stolen from two cars in Medford within 24 hours of one another and Medford Police say it’s a sign of a growing problem with gun theft.

Medford Police say two guns were stolen from two separate vehicles in the past day, and in both cases, the car was either unlocked or the window was down. Police say the first theft happened around 1 a.m. on Fir Street.

The vehicle’s owner said he left his car widow partially down, and when he returned, his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle was gone, along with a camouflage army backpack. Then just before 6 a.m., another theft, this time on the 1500 block of Wilson Place.

A man told police he left his truck unlocked the night before, with a Ruger mini 14, 5-point 56 caliber semi-automatic rifle inside. When he woke up, he went outside and saw the car doors standing open, and the gun and some ammo was missing.

Police say even though it’s hot outside, drivers should always lock their car doors and keep windows shut and they said gun owners should either get a permit to carry guns on their person, or leave them at home in a locked case.

“Gun owners should honestly never leave their gun in their vehicle unattended, whether it’s locked or not,” said Kim Budreau, with Medford Police.

Medford Police say the number cases of stolen guns has jumped in the past year. So far in 2013, they’ve seen 41 reports of gun thefts. During the same period last year, they only saw 13. Even though the burglaries happened within 24 hours of each other, police do not know if they are connected.


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  1. Karen Thompson says:

    Seriously?! Especially the 66 year old man leaving a fully loaded weapon with extra ammunition in an unlocked vehicle. In cases like this I think these individuals need to be held accountable and prosecuted should the weapon be used in crime where someone ends up injured or, God forbid…dead. What is wrong with people?!! DON’T LEAVE YOUR VEHICLES UNLOCKED.

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