Police Investigate Car Break-Ins

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A few vehicle thefts hit the Rogue Valley over the weekend. Ashland Police responded to one theft Saturday and recovered a different stolen car Sunday. Local businesses say this is a peak time for car alarms to be installed.

Police say car thefts are a crime of opportunity local businesses say high tech security systems can deter thieves from targeting your car. Angelo Baca installs car security systems for Best Buy in Medford, and he said this is a peak time for business.

“Going toward the end of summer, beginning of winter, when people are basically getting their stuff together and realizing they need to get their vehicle stuff ready,” Baca explained.

Baca says the cars he sees most often aren’t older models that came without a security system, instead it’s new models who stop by most often.

“A lot of Suburus, a lot of high end vehicles actually go through here, and nice trucks,” Baca said.

Ashland Police, who worked on two separate vehicle theft cases over the weekend, said the cars that are targeted have something that welcomes a thief.

“I think there’s always a crime of opportunity, I don’t know about specific cars right now that are being taken,” said Ashland Police Deputy Chief Corey Falls.

One of the vehicles stolen over the weekend was targeted because of a mistake by the driver.

“The subject left their keys in the car, and a window was smashed out, and they drove the car off,” explained Deputy Chief Corey Falls, “Then, Sunday we recovered a stolen vehicle in town.”

Baca says often times it comes down to how willing the owner is to prevent their car from being a target.

“I’m seeing more and more often people are like, ‘look, I just got this new vehicle or I really love this vehicle and it may be older and I don’t want somebody breaking into it,'” Baca said.

Baca says a good security system can run about $250 and take on average between 2 and a half, and 3 and a half hours to install.