Police Investigate Animal Abuse Cases

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MEDFORD, Ore. — One dog is shot dead and another one is recovering from a severe beating. Medford police are investigating two animal abuse cases in a span of two days.

The first incident was on Tuesday near the 700 block of Hilldale Avenue in Medford. Police found a pit bull in the woods, badly beaten and bleeding from the head. The dog, named Nemo, is on medication and recovering at animal control.

The owner, 20-year-old Michael Mak, told police he took Nemo out to the woods and beat him with a piece of wood because Nemo was being aggressive inside his residence. Officers say several neighbors also reported hearing Nemo being beat inside Mak’s apartment.

The second animal abuse incident occurred on the 400 block of North Ross Lane on Wednesday. NewsWatch12 spoke to a neighbor who did not want to go on camera. He says he could see from his backyard the dog owner shoot the Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix dog.

“The old guy was messing around with it, cocking it back and pointing it at the dog and like, I thought, drunk people with an arguing being stupid. I didn’t think anything of it. And afterwards, it was just a loud boom,” said the neighbor.

Police say after 60-year-old Terry Nixon shot his dog, he threw the animal away in the kitchen trash can. They say Nixon admitted he shot the dog because it had an accident in the house. Nixon’s brother spoke to¬†NewsWatch 12¬†off-camera and says Nixon has an alcohol problem.

Nixon is lodged at the jail. He is facing charges of aggravated animal abuse, reckless endangering, unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct. As for Mak, he was charged with animal abuse in the first degree. Animal control says his dog Nemo will soon be placed in foster care.


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  1. pennie jennings says:

    Makes me sick….I’d like to take Mr. Mak out to the woods for a minute or two! What a punk….what a puke! No mercy for these monsters!

    1. Louise Hall says:

      I agree. Nemo has give the best testimony against Mak-he didn’t attack him while being beaten. Too bad. I say a stiff penalty is needed here and Mak ordered to never have another pet of any kind. I just home he never has children either-a beater is a beater.

  2. kelly says:

    Problem is with the State. they refuse to give hard sentences for abuse of pets and humans including children. These people need put away not therapy but the State could care less. Oregon allows crimes like this to happen by slapping people on the wrist and giving probation. I put the blame directly on the legislature for failing to be strong on crime.

  3. L.S. says:

    you are so right Pennie….! and don’t think for a minute that these poor excuse of human beings won’t also be beating and killing people….All animal abuse has to be taken seriously and to the full extent we can, as it never stops there, or at the animal they abuse so horrifically. God has us- to take care of the animals he created for us…..and we fail miserably…..

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