Police Investigate Altercation

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Police in Grants Pass and trying to investigate what led to an physical altercation outside a bar that left one man hospitalized with a serious head injury.

On Sunday, police and medical personnel were sent to the Wonder Bur in Grants Pass regarding an unconscious male. Police say bystanders contacted at the Wonder Bur originally reported that the male, later identified as Jeffrey Potts, had simply fallen over.

Officers on the scene found evidence to suggest that Potts had been involved in an altercation with a man identified as Todd Heckers. Police say Heckers was cooperative with investigators.

The initial investigation revealed that Potts may have fallen after being struck by Heckers during the physical altercation, causing Potts to strike his head on the sidewalk outside the bar. Potts is in intensive care at RVMC and is unable to be interviewed. Police say he has not regained consciousness and his prognosis remains uncertain.

Detectives are looking for several other people who may have witnessed the altercation. Several witnesses were interviewed, however detectives want to speak with all witnesses in order to complete the investigation. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is continuing the investigation and is asking anyone who witnessed these events to contact Detective Brown of the GPDPS at (541) 450-6345.