Police Increase Patrols For Halloween

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Halloween is considered one of the deadliest holiday’s for pedestrians and especially children.

Whether you’re trick or treating with kids or out and about at the bars tonight, multiple law enforcement officers will be saturating the Southern Oregon area. Candy, costumes and lights a few elements of Halloween that make this holiday fun. While enjoying the festivities law enforcement officers are closely monitoring the streets.

“We’re going to have extra patrols in cars, down here in Medford, that are just going to be hitting busy areas of town and where there could be potential problems,” stated Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Like last year, some Medford Police officers will be in Ashland, helping officers during and after the Children’s Halloween Parade.

“I think there’s been times where the Ashland downtown festivities got pretty wild,” said Lt. Budreau, “So it’s good to show a good presence of law enforcement so it doesn’t really get to that point again.”

Throughout the years, the Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness said Halloween night has mellowed out.

“We told Medford we could by with fewer officers this year, so they didn’t have to spend all of that overtime money,” said Chief Holderness, “we appreciate that because they really do go that extra step to help us on Halloween.”

But it doesn’t there will be fewer officers. Chief Holdnerss said there will be around 40 to 50 in the Ashland area. The Phoenix Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriffs are also patrolling the area. Officers will be looking out for disorderly conduct, illegal drug use and other violations

“We have a mobile booking van of too many people have to go to jail, so the sheriff’s department takes custody right here and takes groups over to the jail,” state Chief Holdnerness. “We haven’t had to use that in the last several years so we’re hoping not to have to use that tonight.”

If you plan to continue to be out here tonight trick or treating or out at the bars, Medford Police want to remind you to be extra careful out there as you’re driving around neighborhood where children are trick or treating.