Police Increase DUI Patrol For St. Pat’s

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As people head to downtown Medford for St. Patrick’s Day, extra police will be headed out as well.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be as busy as if it was on the weekend, but even though it is on a Monday, it being St. Patrick’s day, we’re still going to have some officers dedicated to DUI enforcement,” said Sgt. Don Lane with Medford Police.

Though Four Daughters Irish Pub in downtown Medford is notorious for it’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, assistant manager Craig Cosbey said they will also be watching out for overly intoxicated people.

“If you’re visibly intoxicated, slurring words, shiny eyes, it’s either I don’t serve you or [I lose] my job. So we’re looking for stumbling, double fisting, things like that. I mean, we want to be aware of that,” said Cosbey.

Medford Police recommends that if you are planning on heading out tonight to celebrate, make sure you plan ahead. Even if you have only a few beers, police recommend designated drivers, sober rides, or taking a cab.