Police Give Slurpee Vouchers to Kids

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Over the summer months, law enforcement often sees bumps in youth crime as kids have more time out of school. This summer, Seven Eleven teamed up with Grants Pass Department of public safety to try to encourage positive contact between law enforcement and the community.

Beginning on Tuesday, cops began hitting the street looking for kids doing good deeds so they could reward them with free Seven Eleven slurpee vouchers as part of the stores programĀ “Operation Chill.”

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety got 500 free slurpee coupons to give out over the summer. Police hope that it will encourage good behavior in kids while they are out of school. Usually over the summer months, there are increases in loitering, shoplifting, and graffiti in the youth.

Grants Pass officers also hope that the program will enhance the relations with police and the city’s kids.