Police Focus On School Zone Speeders

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Summer break is over and school is back in session for Medford students and early Tuesday morning, police were out in school zones making sure drivers slowed down and looked for students crossing the street.

“My youngest is starting junior high so it’s a little bit scary, I have my last one starting school,” said Hedrick Middle School parent Brenda Anderson.

Tuesday was back to school for Medford students and police say drivers who commute through school zones and bus routes need to be on the look out. Anderson said she sees people whiz by buses on her way to work.

“In going to work even, I see people driving past school buses, not paying attention to the red light flashing,” said Anderson.

Medford police said while the first day of school has been circled on the calender for students and parents, everyone else may not realize it’s that time of year.

“It’s the first day back and people aren’t going to be necessarily paying attention to the schools, so we’re going to try and get out there and make our presence known and make them slow down a little bit,” said Officer David Awbrey.

Speed limits are lower and traffic fines are higher in school zones. Officer Awbrey said the focus isn’t on more traffic citations, but instead safety of both the students and the drivers.

“The goal at the end of the day is to make sure that they understand that the kids are back in school now and it’s time to slow down and make sure we pay attention,” said Officer Awbrey.

Medford police said they don’t typically see an increase in traffic citations when school starts back up and that a police presence alone can make a difference.