Police Find Marijuana Hidden in Gun Safe

NEAR LAKEVIEW, Ore. — More than a hundred pounds of marijuana are off Southern Oregon streets after a drug bust Wednesday.

It happened around 1 p.m. on Highway 140 near Lakeview. Oregon State Police say Paul Houfek was speeding. Oregon State Police say when troopers pulled him over, they found approximately 117 lbs of marijuana in 94 individually sealed packages.

The marijuana was concealed inside a large gun safe carried in the back of the sport utility vehicle. Troopers say the value of the seized marijuana is approximately $290,000.

Houfek was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail for Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, and Distribution of a Controlled Substance – Marijuana.


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  1. Annie says:

    YAY! Since Salem passed the legal pot rule, people are being threatened & verbally attacked for opposing pot in any form.
    Will the media report this?
    Businesses have a right to their rules. Just because Salem is perverted does NOT mean businesses have to be also.
    PROTECT our rights! We have a right to live at peace. We have a right to not be attacked in anyway by druggies. We have a right to be protected from these trespassers. We have a right to protect ourselves.
    Thankfully, law enforcement still understands this. GOOD JOB, guys!!

  2. CannabisTV says:

    More foolishness and ignorance from society and people like Annie. We already had this experience with a failed prohibition back about 90 years ago, it was called ALCOHOL PROHIBITION. It was a MONUMENTAL failure of epic proportions, and worsened the situation by every possible measure. Instead of realizing our mistakes and learning from them, we are perpetuating our ignorance and idiocy by enacting a so-call War on Drugs that costs taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars every year, yet we wonder why schools are garbage and why our roads and infrastructure is crumbling.

    Imagine how moronic it would be to be thrown in PRISON for 10 years or more, just for having a case or two of beer in your own home. That is the kind of outright asinine situation we are living in right now, but instead of beer, it’s something safer than wine, beer, tobacco and even CAFFEINE! Anyone like Annie who cheers about the destruction of Constitutional liberties and freedom is an enemy of the United States of America who supports corruption and tyranny.

    1. Dean says:

      Why do you keep comparing our current laws on a controlled substance to prohibition? Prohibition made alcohol illegal. Pot is more legal now than it has ever been. Potheads can’t follow the current laws and then point fingers at law abiding citizens and law enforcement. The man in the story was illegally smuggling pot. If potheads want more credibility they should also be upset at the people who keep breaking the law. Our state is filling up with up with people who come here because of our lax laws so they can grow pot and transfer it to another state for profit. Pot is twice as valuable in states where it is still illegal. I see it all time because I do remote internet installations for a living. Our state is being used and abused by drug dealers and even cartels in some areas. Is that the kind of people you want here? You just want to be able to smoke pot legally. That is what I call ignorance and proof of the damaging effects of pot.

  3. Annie says:

    So interesting that a pot user would say such stuff. Yesterday I spoke at length with a ‘medicinal pot user’ who had NOTHING good to say about pot users & the joke they are playing on the working public.
    Sure. You can believe what you want but druggies do NOT have the RIGHT to attempt to terrorize the tax payers of this country.
    Even tho the percentages of intoxicants& their use are drastically on the rise these poor things can’t understand more intoxicants are not going to improve anything.
    Druggies should be held to the same rules as any other substance abusers. Jobs should be able to fire these people for using just like is done for alcohol & prescription drugs. But these druggies want SPECIAL rights. Pure foolishness.
    Only a completely brain dead person would believe that pot is harmless! It shows by the completely asinine arguments they put forth. Look at the proof & quit listening to the abusers. Ask yourself WHY do these people want others to be drugged? What is their ultimate goal?
    If 1 does not stand up for what is right they will fall for anything.

    1. Addi says:

      You truly are ignorant Anne. You spout nothing but nonsenses, it truly is funny . Nothing else to say to you because you won’t listen to any reason. And no, I don’t do drugs, or drink, or much of anything else. I just happen to have reason and a mind of my own to think rather and find the fact to make up my opinions. It you want to write more here you better start stating some true facts with references to back you up for anyone to take you serious. Haha “duggies” hahah that word there lost all you creditability. Anger gets you no where, try research and facts next time.

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