Police Discuss Safety In A Shooting

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MEDFORD, Ore. – In an active shooting situation, local police are urging people to be ready to protect themselves. Medford Police say it can be a scary and confusing situation when bullets start flying, especially in a public place like a mall, but they say it comes down to three options: run, hide and fight.

Medford Police say the first step is to get out of that situation and get away, get to an exit and get to safety. If you can’t, you may find yourself needing to hide somewhere safe. If you are in a break room or office, get inside, and shut and lock the doors.

Once inside, look around for anything that can help you or something you can use as a weapon, because if a worst case scenario happens and the shooter finds you, you will need to defend your life. Officers say people need to be ready to do anything they can to be safe until police arrive.

The Rogue Valley Mall is owned by the same company that owns Clackamas Town Center. NewsWatch12 spoke with the Rogue Valley Mall General Manager on Wednesday. He says his heart goes out to the victims, and he wants to help local shoppers try to return to a sense of normalcy.

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  1. Karen Averill, S.A.F.E. Training says:

    If you are in a room, position yourself high or low with a heavy object so when the intruder comes through the door you can take him out at the knees or drive it down on his head. You have to out think your opponents to survive. Always have an escape plan from every room and be aware of all possible exits where ever you are.

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