Police Discuss Renting 20 Jail Beds

Jail GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Arresting criminals and keeping them in jail may soon be a reality again in Grants Pass.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is considering a deal to rent out beds from the county jail. Grants Pass Police plan to reveal more information next Monday at a city council meeting.

Chief Joe Henner has confirmed the department is looking to rent 20 jail beds from the Josephine County Jail and an additional 10 if they need more in the future. The police department has been working closely with the sheriff’s office to work out the details of the cost. This idea has been in the works since the middle of June.

The Grants Pass City Council asked the police department to start looking into this contract. Chief Henner says after the failed criminal justice tax levy, city council received feedback from the community about the need for keeping criminals in jail.

“There’s that, that feeling that now there’s really nothing on the horizon that will give us any relief. And certainly it has been impacting our police officers and our community,” said Grants Pass Dept. of Public Safety Chief Joe Henner.

When Josephine County’s Juvenile Justice Facility closed back in June. County officials made an agreement with Jackson County to rent three beds for about $145 a day. Those spaces are to house the most serious juvenile delinquents. The contract officially began July 1st.

If community members in grants pass want to give input about this potential contract. There’s an opportunity next Wednesday during the city council meeting.