Police Continue Search for IED Suspect

7-7 police iedMEDFORD, Ore. – Medford police are continuing to search for the suspect who detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) on one of their patrol cars over the weekend.

Representatives for the department say they’re currently collecting security cam footage that could show the suspect either committing, or going to or from the scene of the crime.

They say the explosive, crudely made from fireworks and paint, was likely meant as a prank in the sense that it only caused minor damage.

But they say any use of explosives warrants a full follow-up.

“We’re talking felonies here,” said Lieutenant Mike Budreau, Public Information Officer for the department. “Any time you cause damage from an explosive device, that makes it a felony. It’s criminal mischief first degree.”

Budreau says they still aren’t sure what security cam video will be available between their own department cameras and those on nearby buildings. He also says any video would have been shot at night and may be too dark to make out a suspect.

He says if no footage can yield any leads, they will test the exploded device for forensic evidence.