Police Chase Ends in Eagle Point

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — A man drives down a 10 foot irrigation ditch t after trying to escape from Jackson County Sheriff deputies.

It started out as a minor traffic stop between White City and Eagle Point, but deputies say Jordan Krawczyk refused to stop and drove to Buchanan Road in Eagle Point.

He  drove through a road barrier at the end of the street and out to a field. Krawczyk didn’t know there was an irrigation ditch and drove down it. He then took off running, where deputies caught up with him.

They are not sure why he took off, but Krawczyk has a warrant out for his arrest. Witnesses say they’re just glad no one was walking outside on the street.

“There are kids out here riding their bikes here, lots of little ones, that he wouldn’t have even seen them,” said witness Brenda Anderson.

There was a passenger in Krawczyk’s car who suffered minor injuries.