Police Break Up Eagle Point Cockfight

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Numerous people ran from the scene of a criminal cockfight on Sunday, but deputies captured and cited 9 of them.

Leonel Sanchez unlocked the gates of his employer, Willamette Egg Farms, to allow the cockfights to take place. Police seized 35 roosters Saturday morning and the sets of razors that were fastened to the animals’ legs.

The location included an elaborate fighting arena with generator-powered lights and a makeshift bar where the organizers sold alcohol. At least one rooster had been severely injured and was discarded into a nearby field. At least one fight had taken place before deputies arrived.

Organizers were charging $25 per person to watch the illegal activities and entry fees for fighting roosters ran $500.

“To have our name associated with something like this is enraging…but we are glad that these abusers got caught and we do want to see them brought to justice,” said Greg Satrum, a Wilamette Egg Farm employee.

According to Satrum, the Eagle Point farm is only used for distribution. All animals on site Saturday were brought in by trespassers. Leonel Sanchez is in the Jackson County Jail on charges for second degree trespassing and participating in cockfighting.