Police Arrest Serial Arsonist Suspect

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Police arrested 38-year-old Manoah Hall for a string of arsons in Medford. Investigators say Hall has a fixation with fire crews. In fact, officers say they saw him on scene of a few fires this summer. “He had also videotaped fire scenes prior to the arrival of emergency crews as well as significant footage of fires in general so that was a bit odd in itself,” said Chief Tim George. Videos posted to his YouTube account show local engines responding to emergencies. Police took down one of the videos. They say it actually shows a structure fire burning well before crews arrived on scene.

“It basically just documented verbally what was happening at the time, it was taken at night there was some conversation about the causation of the fire,” said Jim Williams, a detective with Medford Police.

His online presence, his presence at the scene and forensic evidence led police to his arrest. Investigators from Medford Police, Medford Fire, the Oregon State Police Crime Lab, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms all teamed up on the case. Hall is facing charges for five fires, totalling $110,000 in damages. After his arrest, officers found methamphetamine in his home, so he’s also facing drug charges.

Police are waiting until trial to reveal any more details. “The method of operation is something we’re going to keep close to the vest at this point,” said Chief George.