Police Arrest Alleged Reckless Driver

ParksNEAR GOLD HILL, Ore. — Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers arrested a California man Saturday afternoon for driving recklessly in his motorcycle near Gold Hill. Troopers say Patrick Parks, 21, was driving faster than 100 mph on I-5 southbound in Jackson County.

Sergeant Jeff Allison says he saw the silver Suzuki motorcycle near Valley of the Rogue rest area driving at a high rate of speed.

Allison says it wasn’t safe to overtake the motorcycle because of high traffic flow, but the trooper did see the vehicle weaving in and out of traffic faster than 100 mph. At one point, Allison says the motorcycle passed a vehicle on the inside median, almost causing a crash.

According to a press release, an OSP sergeant was finishing a traffic stop just south of the reckless motorcycle and set up to intercept it.

The motorcyclist was stopped near milepost 38 southbound on Blackwell Hill, just south of Gold Hill. Parks is from El Sobrante, Calif. and was taken into custody by the troopers.

Parks is in the Jackson County Jail for Reckless Driving and was cited for Driving While Suspended – Violation, Driving Uninsured, and Expired Vehicle Registration.